Contemplative Mentoring

As humans we possess a profoundly powerful capacity: the power to focus our attention and the power to reflect upon our experiences. But most of us live lives that are busy and leave little time for reflection. It seems the quality of our attention is polluted with judgment and self-criticism and our attention is captured by seemingly endless "to do" lists.

Through the mentor relationship and contemplative practices we will explore together, you will be supported to engage and take charge of your attention and direct it to the experience of being. Together we look at how you experience your relationship with yourself, your family and loved ones, and your profession. When you are supported to look directly and nakedly at your experience, you can discover an inner spaciousness, peacefulness, and genuine warmth of connection to yourself and to others. By exploring your challenges and learning to host them warmly without judgment, what you experience as disturbing can release and clear. As you open, positive qualities such as love, compassion, joy, and equanimity become available.

The "frontier" experience has always captured the imaginations of men and women, and great quests have been set in motion driven by the desire to explore the unknown. But what about the inner frontier of your life as you are actually living it? Perhaps your inner experience seems chaotic or boring, or no one in your school or work experience ever placed a value on self-reflection or gave clear instruction on how to look within.

What can you expect in a session of contemplative mentoring? A private session will usually last one hour in length. A session will typically begin with conversation exploring issues in your life, during which time you will be supported and guided to listen to yourself, reflect upon your experience, and recognize challenges that can be hosted more completely and through which personal healing can occur.

There are innumerable techniques of meditation. And many traditions claim a long history of journeyers who have explored the terrain of the mind and its processes and passed on their knowledge to others. The most valuable meditation practice is the one you actually do. So come explore what can work in your life to support you to reflect and discover your inherent peace and capacity to transform obstacles into positive experiences.

This service may also be available by Skype or phone. Please contact us to discuss this possibility or to make an appointment.

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