Imagery for Healing

Your body and mind possess an inherent capacity to heal. In truth, fundamentally, you are not broken. You are whole and always have been. Recognizing and experiencing this directly is referred to as wisdom in meditative traditions. But, we are often separated from the wisdom of our being because we are occupied with discomfort, pain, anxiety, or a continuous stream of demands on our attention. When we are separated from the experience of inherent completeness, the result is dis-ease, suffering, and a loss of creative fire. And often, when experiencing illness and injury, we are not aligned with our deepest capacities to heal, for anxiety can occupy us such that we can't seem to rest and restore. Through healing imagery you can find your way home and reconnect with your inherent health. This journey is one of realignment, of listening to the deeper wisdom of your body, and of finding support to reconnect, rest, and restore.

We all possess the capacity to dream and imagine. In day to day life, we are continuously flooded with and influenced by images through media, the arts, the natural world, and even our conversations with others. Whether the images we encounter enrich our lives or disturb us depends upon our relation to them. By bringing clear and open attention within, you are supported to discover, listen to, and explore how your life actually lives in you. Through the process of interactive guided imagery, you may meet and heal old wounds and resolve conflicts gently and effectively. What can you expect in a session of imagery for healing? A typical session will last between 60 and 90 minutes. During this time, after an exploratory conversation, as you sit or recline comfortably you will be guided into a relaxed awareness of your body. In the process of bringing warm and open attention to pain, discomfort, anxiety, or depression, a shift can occur that allows unrecognized or obscured positive healing qualities to emerge. Reawaken your inherent capacity to create, to flourish, and to both enjoy and to benefit others in your life through engaged, spontaneous imagery.

This service may also be available by Skype or phone. Please contact us to discuss this possibility or to make an appointment.

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