Living with Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer for you or a loved one can be met with a variety of responses ranging from numbness to a flood of thoughts and emotions. Current research indicates that some degree of anxiety or depression may accompany the diagnoses, and that it may continue throughout the period of treatment, sometimes becoming more intense at the end of treatment and continuing for years following the remission of the illness. At Contemplative Arts, we offer private counseling and instruction of mind body methods to support those living with cancer throughout their personal journey with cancer or other serious illness, as well as support for family members and caregivers.

Cancer affects more than an individual's physical body. The illness will bring many changes to the accustomed flow of daily life and stir up a variety of thoughts and emotions in the patient, the family, and the network of support. Learning to manage the stresses of everyday life is an integral part of the healing journey.

Taking time to reflect at a time of challenge can bring unanticipated benefits. When the rigors of a cancer diagnosis narrow your attention to surviving the illness, the power of personal reflection can reconnect you to your inherent wealth of good qualities, nourish relations to family and friends, and reorder your priorities in life.

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